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Summer 2011 Bed and Breakfast Hotel Jesolo My Fair

The new management of the Bed And Breakfast Jesolo My Fair prepares for new season, which is now next to go, offering new services to customers. Aware that tourists are becoming more and more attentive to the kind of service that a hotel can offer. Today more than ever those who are preparing to select the resort and the hotel at which to spend their summer vacation, they search the Internet to gather as much information as possible. Knowing in advance what are the needs of those who plan to spend the holiday has become crucial. Offer what people want to make a difference for a 3 star hotel Jesolo considering that the number of 3-star hotel in the seaside town of Jesolo Lido is very large. An example that allows us to understand the added value that can lead to a Hotel Jesolo achieving the goal of coming in against the new demands of modern tourists, and to be chosen as the venue for the holidays is the story happened a few weeks ago. A customer went to My Fair Hotel, all met the person, pleasant family room of the Hotel very comfortable and the cost of living was assessed positively. However, the customer decided not to spend 15 days at the Hotel. The reason for the waiver? In spite of all was meeting the needs of the person the lack of a single service affect the success of the reservation. Well, the customer gave up for the lack of Internet connection via WiFi. Managers of the Bed And Breakfast Jesolo Hotel My Fair naturally active as quickly as possible the line free WiFi for all customers of the hotel guests. This example is typical to see how the phenomena of mass due to new technology also affect the tourism industry. In the 70 people who spent their holiday in hotel rooms where he often stayed in the sanitary services which were not present. The television was in the living room. Despite this, the customers of various nationalities, came back the following year because they appreciate the warmth of the hotelier, the climate and the city of Jesolo Lido. Now it’s clear those days are gone, a hotel in Jesolo must be able to ensure high standard services. Air conditioning, TV in every room as the toilet and now they have been joined WiFi. In an increasingly complex world, more and more integrated, people’s needs grow, but it is also possible that the days when a person comes out of the routine must retain the habits of all time? To make a holiday of a week or so, you must have a television in the bedroom? We are sure you have more freedom, or habits lead us to choices that affect us? I leave you the answers to these questions, surely we should get used to choices.

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