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Fun Activities of The Isle of Wight

There are many places in the world where you can have a nice holiday and great fun. At any of the places you intend to spend your valuable vacation time you wish to make sure that you chosen well. One of the main things is who you are going on your trip, as your companions play a vital role in the success of the adventure. You can of course go on trip alone, but that takes a special kind of person as travel is all about experience and that is often best shared. If you want to be away from civilisation and to rest for a while from hustle and bustle of everyday living then why not choose the Isle of Wight as the perfect destination. It is calm and tranquil place often thought of as being many years behind the pace of mainland or north Island as the locals like say.

You know on think about it, I must personally say that Isle of Wight can and is an ideal destination for everybody. For example, it is a great opportunity to spend a wonderful vacation with the whole family. The weather is often better than that of the mainland; there is plenty of enchanting picturesque scenery, golden beaches, historical places and festivals galore that cater for all tastes. Natural beauty appeals to your imagination and inspiration. There are so many places for kids like Zoos, Parks, and Isle of Wight Attractions. Your children will be excited and busy with so many different things to do. Young couples also will be engaged with festivals and events.

The Isle of Wight is a breeding-ground for many fiestas, carnivals and celebrations, such as the Isle of Wight Music Festival, The Bestival, Jazz Festival and many more! If you are looking for something very different or extreme, you can go on walking or hiking adventure, there are some great water sports, paragliding courses and all sorts of other activities. If you are interested in history, you are welcome to explore the rich and interesting history on the Isle of Wight as it has many famous places to visit and explore. Those wishing to explore the Islands culinary cuisine are greeted by a plethora super restaurants, bars and pubs.

There you can have a mug of beer or a nice dinner with candles and glass of wine. These settings are superb and should be enjoyed with good company, talking with your friends, recalling the moments of your life, chatting over anecdotes and funny stories while soaking up the ambience around. For those that go it alone, try just lying in the Sun, sunbathing and gently swimming in the Sea all of which will improve your soul and give you an appetite for more than juts food. If you are fond of the same, then the nice and warm Isle of Wight beaches are waiting for you. I find it personally so nice to lie down, enjoy the warm Sun rays and just relax. Let the rays caress your body and your soul will float among the clouds in the sky, it truly is a splendid feeling. In evening you can take a walk alongside the beach and contemplate the nice red sun slowly setting in the West.

Many people cross to the Island on a weekend break for all sort o weekend attractions such as Hen and Stag parties, Murder Mysteries, Ghost Hunts and Golfing Weekends. A lot of amusing time is guaranteed, you can go also go in for some games like Lazer combat or paintball, but be sure to bring a jumpsuit and an armored plated set of pants Seriously all the equipment is supplied and it is a very exciting and fun experience and well worth trying if you have never done it before. Two teams of 6 people each are chosen and fight each other in several different events. It is fast, exciting and often quite a dirty game if played in the muddy fields. For those with a little more dignity, Clay Pigeon is a great fun for noble gentleman or women. The goal of this outdoor activity is to shoot as many clay pigeons as possible, the clays come thick and fast and a keen eye can often take the day!

So, as you can see these are only some super activities and opportunities for having fun on the Isle of Wight. IOW Tourism can provide you with a good accommodation and guest service.

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